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Need responsible, organized and computer savvy office professionals? Our administrative staffing agency has the resources to provide you with the people necessary to keep any company running smoothly.

If you are an office administration professional searching for a new career opportunity, our clerical staffing agency can help you find the perfect company culture and circumstances for your career goals.

Positions we fill include:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Executive Assistants
  • Filing Clerks
  • Office Managers
  • Receptionists

Join Forces With New Mexico’s Top Staffing Agency

Are you looking to add office professionals to your business’s staff? It’s time-consuming, complicated, and expensive to go at it alone. Why not partner with the leading staffing agency in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM area to make it easier? 

As the state’s top job agency, The Hire Firm is here to help with all of your staffing and recruitment needs. We help fill office administration jobs, including administrative assistants and receptionists all the way to office managers, so we’ve got you covered. 

Our staffing professionals will work with your company to understand your needs, existing challenges, and goals. That way, we know exactly what you’re looking for and what we can help you achieve.

Why Choose The Hire Firm?

In Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to staffing agencies. Why choose The Hire Firm?

We’re the proven leader in New Mexico for sourcing top-quality talent and delivering consistent results. And we do it all with one goal in mind: excellent customer service, every time. We want the best for the companies we serve, as well as the job seekers that we help employ. 

Does your company need data entry specialists? Customer service representatives? An office manager or a filing clerk? We can fill these positions and much more. And we’re one of the top management recruiters in New Mexico — if you’re looking to fill management roles, contact us for help. 

For your office administration needs and beyond, there’s one choice in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and throughout the state: The Hire Firm.

Searching for an Administrative Job in Santa Fe or Albuquerque? 

Are you an office administration professional searching for your next career opportunity? Ready to level up to a position where you’re treated right and can really show off your skills? Partner with New Mexico’s top job agency, The Hire Firm, to get started on your journey. 

Some job agencies plug candidates into the first open role they find. That’s not our approach. We’re here to listen to you and find out what you want out of your job and career. 

Our recruitment experts can help you find the perfect role and a company culture that aligns with your career goals. There’s a reason we’re one of the top staffing agencies in New Mexico — we have a proven track record of placing candidates in jobs they love. 

Contact The Hire Firm to speak with our clerical staffing experts. We’re here to help. 

Ready to level up your career or business? We’re here for you.

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