How to Be a Great Leader (and Not Just a Manager)

Manager and leader are both terms referring to being in a position of authority. However, there are crucial differences – being a manager is typically more about handling processes and overall dealing with the present moment while being a leader focuses on influencing those around them to change their behavior and developing toward a better… Read More »

Is Your Onboarding Process Costing You Talent?

Onboarding new employees is not simply an administrative task to check off the list. In fact, for new employees, how they are welcomed and prepared for their new roles by their new employers can be significantly influential in whether they see themselves wanting to commit for the long term. Prevent losing top talent with these… Read More »

How to Improve Workplace Relationships Among Your Team

Having positive workplace relationships doesn’t just improve the overall morale of your office and make it a more pleasant place to be. Putting in the effort to strengthen your employees’ relationships also benefits your organization by improving engagement, productivity, retention, and talent acquisition. Learn more about how to improve workplace relationships among your team: Set… Read More »

New Manager Checklist to Create a Powerful Team Culture

Being a new manager can be overwhelming, but there is one key area to focus your efforts on that will help you be a successful leader: cultivating a positive workplace culture. Positive workplaces cultures tend to value collaborative and trustworthy relationships, recognition for effort, encouragement of professional growth, and overall support in helping one another… Read More »

When To Be Flexible About Hiring Candidates From Different Backgrounds and Industries

The standard hiring process is generally based upon seeking out “ideal” candidates whose qualifications align perfectly with your open positions. However, if you are open to other possibilities, you can not only be more nimble with your talent acquisition but also experience other benefits for your organization. Learn more about when to be flexible about… Read More »

The Benefits of Using Headhunters to Find Passive Talent

In such a tight labor market, it’s essential to be strategic with your recruitment and hiring process to land top talent. An untapped resource to consider is working with a headhunter to connect you with passive candidates, or those who are not actively job searching but may be open to new opportunities. Learn more about… Read More »

Don’t Let The Great Resignation Impact Business: 4 Tips for Retaining Employees

The Great Resignation, a term referring to the significant increase in employees leaving their jobs, has left many employers concerned about the prospect of high turnover rates, especially in a labor market that is more favorable to workers. Don’t let the Great Resignation impact business – here are four tips for retaining employees: 1. Check… Read More »

How Listing Salary on Job Postings Could Lead to An Increase in Applications

Compensation is rarely listed on job postings and not brought up until the interview, or sometimes not even until an offer is made. However, for candidates, salary is typically the most coveted piece of information to determine if they will pursue an opportunity. Learn more about how listing salary on job postings could lead to… Read More »

Attracting Top Accounting and Finance Talent in Santa Fe

Is your business in need of accounting and financial professionals? If you’re in the market for this type of talent, you may have found that it’s easier said than done to find and hire these employees.  The accounting and finance field has grown steadily over the past decade, but that trend may be slowing. According to Statcan,… Read More »

Investing in New Employees in 2022

When you hire new employees, it is crucial to put in the effort to set them up for success. The upfront time and cost of effectively preparing your new hires will pay off greatly with reduced turnover and a more engaged team over the long term. Learn more about investing in new employees in 2022… Read More »