What Stand-Out Qualifications to Look for When Recruiting an Accountant

Accountants are the backbone to a company’s success by ensuring it remains financially healthy. When hiring for an accountant, candidates possess comparable technical expertise, so it can be challenging to determine which one will be the optimal choice. Here are the qualifications to look for when recruiting an accountant:

Attention to Detail

There are numerous minute details related to financial recordkeeping, along with various deadlines and regulations to track. Any accountant you hire must demonstrate great attention to detail. Beyond asking for specific examples in an interview, ensure you also keep an eye out for how detail-orientated candidates come across during the initial application process, such as being prepared and submitting documentation that is typo-free.


There are unfortunate stories of financial professionals using their access to company financial information in an unethical manner. Be on the lookout for examples of strong integrity in your accountant candidates. Ask interview questions regarding challenges they’ve experienced or what they consider their weaknesses and gauge how honest and forthcoming their responses are. 

Strong Communication Skills

Accounting may seem to be a technical, numbers-focused role, but accountants must be able to clearly explain complicated or unfamiliar topics at times to stakeholders. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential qualifications for accountants since they often need to convey information to leadership, colleagues in other departments, or clients. Take note of how effectively candidates express themselves in their resumes/cover letters, as well as during interviews. 


Circumstances constantly change in the accounting and finance industry, from advances in technology to new regulations. Among the most stand-out qualifications for a top accounting, candidate is the ability to be flexible and change their strategies or learn new processes. Candidates should be prepared with specific examples of how they had to adjust in their professional lives. 

Attract Top Talent

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