3 Benefits of Offering Temp-to-Hire Positions

Temp-to-hire positions, in which you bring in employees temporarily with the potential to become fully hired, may require more of an upfront time investment than simply extending job offers right away. However, this hiring strategy can provide long-term advantages that make it worthwhile to wait – learn more about the benefits of offering temp-to-hire positions:

1. Reduces Risk of Bad Hires

Temp-to-hire positions essentially function as an ongoing job interview or extended preview of an employee’s work performance. Opting for temp-to-hire positions instead of hiring right away reduces your risk of bad hires because you don’t have to commit. If a temporary employee isn’t working out for whatever reason, you can simply decide not to hire them after the trial period and have a staffing firm provide you with another candidate. 

2. Helps Determine Staffing Needs

It is a major decision to increase the number of employees on your staff. If you are understaffed, productivity and morale suffer, but if you hire too many workers, you needlessly spend money that could better be used elsewhere. When you’re trying to determine overall staffing needs, such as bringing on an additional employee or creating an entirely new position, going with a temp-to-hire strategy can allow you to gather data to make an informed choice. 

3. Saves Money and Time

The reason that bad hires and high turnover rates are such a problem for businesses is because of how much it wastes company resources. This includes advertising and training expenses, along with opportunity costs since excess time is devoted to bringing new hires up to speed or finding their replacements if they don’t work out. By offering temp-to-hire positions, you limit the amount of money and time you spend on employees until you feel confident it will be worthwhile. 

Start Finding Temp-to-Hire Candidates

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