The Best Ways to Show Support to Your Administrative Assistants

Administrative Professionals Day is observed annually on the Wednesday of the last full week of April as a way to officially recognize the value administrative professionals provide to the businesses for which they work. Give your administrative assistants the kudos they deserve as the backbone of the day-to-day operations of your business – here are the best ways to show support to your administrative assistants:

Public Recognition

Administrative assistants are responsible for so many crucial tasks that keep things running smoothly but may not feel like their hard work is noticed. Make them feel appreciated by providing them with public recognition. You could set aside time during a company-wide meeting to give heartfelt praise for their work and how they make a difference. Another option to provide public recognition could be to send a special email newsletter company-wide that highlights their contributions and specific compliments. 

Thoughtful Gifts

A generic gift can be nearly as disappointing as no recognition at all, so take some time to reflect on what you think your administrative assistants would enjoy most. Consider their individual interests, such as giving a book store gift card to an admin who is always reading on her lunch. If you are unsure of what specific gifts to get since some professionals don’t talk about their personal interests much in the workplace, monetary gifts or additional time off will most certainly be appreciated. 

Personalized Messages

A simple “Thank you” is often the best gift and what your administrative assistants will remember during stressful or challenging times at work. Write personalized notes in cards to your administrative assistants expressing specific detailed ways they have helped you and how much you appreciate it. Avoid a broad, “Thank you for everything you do!” type of message, which, while well-intentioned, doesn’t convey anything meaningful. Be specific and tailor it to the individual employee, such as, “Your organization and attention to detail saves me so much stress and truly makes my workdays easier, you are truly an asset!” 

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