Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: When Is The Right Time to Find a New Position

When you’re dealing with a toxic work environment or deeply unfulfilling job, the decision is clear when it’s time to move on. However, if you like your current job, it can be challenging to know when to leave. Learn more about determining when is the right time to step outside your comfort zone and find a new position: 

It Doesn’t Align With Your Long-Term Professional Goals 

Do some self-reflection on your overall career path and how you would like it to unfold, and ask yourself if your current job is helping you make progress toward achieving it. If not, that means your job and its short-term familiarity and enjoyment are holding you back from your long-term professional goals – and it’s time to be more proactive at landing a new opportunity that will propel you forward and help you make your dreams a reality. 

There is No Room for Growth

Consider the opportunities for professional development within your current employer. If you have learned all that you can, and there’s no clear path for advancement to a higher-level position, it is an indicator that you have gotten all of the experience you can from your job. This is likely to occur at organizations that have smaller staff sizes and, therefore, not a lot of higher-level positions to pursue. It can also happen at places that tend to hire externally rather than promoting from within. 

You Increasingly Feel Disengaged 

When you first started your job, you likely felt excited to dive in and make a difference. However, the longer you work at an employer, the more likely it is that you may become disillusioned at the hurdles standing in your way (such as excessive red tape to accomplish new projects or a lack of resources) and ultimately lose that spark of passion. Reflect on your feelings toward your job – if you increasingly feel disengaged (i.e., bored or like your role lacks purpose), that’s a sign that you need to look for new opportunities. 

Explore New Opportunities

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