Interested In a New Job? Don’t Let The Fear of Uncertainty Stop You

After witnessing periods of job market instability, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to feel confident in taking a risk and job searching again even after circumstances improve. If you’re interested in a new job, check out these tips to avoid letting the fear of uncertainty stop you: 

Adjust Your Mindset

When concerns over the unknown are holding you back, it’s likely the result of your mindset currently only focusing on the various things that could go wrong. Make a conscious decision to focus on the positive aspects of getting a new job – write them down and read them back to yourself whenever you start ruminating over the possible negative outcomes. This will help you embrace change and essentially get more comfortable with being uncomfortable at times for the sake of your professional growth. 

Clarify Your Goals

Leaving a familiar situation and changing jobs is a major decision, so it’s understandable doubts may occasionally pop up. Clarify your professional goals, such as gaining experience in a particular area or working in a specific type of company culture. Having a clearly defined objective can help you think logically (i.e., how staying in your comfort zone will prevent you from achieving what you truly want), especially in times of uncertainty.

Get Support

Reach out to others who can empathize with your concerns and provide validation and advice when you’re struggling with fear of uncertainty. Your support could come from your personal circle of friends and family, as well as professional connections, such as mentors, former colleagues, or even online forums. This will help you work through your mental roadblocks and receive practical information to make your job search easier.

Set a Plan

Fear of uncertainty often can result in difficulty taking action because the prospect of the unknown feels entirely too overwhelming. To ensure you make progress toward your job search, set a plan. Break it down into the smallest steps possible and schedule them into your daily routine. Remember: consistency is more important than the length of time you spend or how much you get accomplished, so even 15 minutes of daily action is more helpful than waiting days or weeks until you have large, uninterrupted blocks of time. 

Get Job Search Help

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