HR Tech Trends Potential Candidates Should Be Aware Of

Human Resources, in general, has become increasingly more technology-based in recent years, particularly when it comes to recruiting and hiring. If you’re job searching, ensure you know what to expect of the application process so you can best prepare and market yourself as a top prospect. Learn more about the HR tech trends potential candidates should be aware of:

Remote Hiring 

Even if you are not applying for a job that is specifically remote, it is likely that the interviewing aspects of the hiring process may be remote as a way for the interviewer(s) to save time. This means you must be ready to tweak your interview preparation strategy for a video platform rather than in person. Get comfortable using videoconferencing software if you haven’t had experience using it for work in the past. Also, practice your facial expressions and tone of voice to be more expressive since you can’t rely on positive body language and a firm handshake to make a great impression like you would in person.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usage 

Many HR professionals are turning to AI to help streamline their recruitment processes and make more accurate, data-based hiring decisions. AI can be utilized in many forms, such as software that screens applications and determines the level of qualification and chatbots who answer your questions instead of a real-life person in the HR department. This means that as an applicant, you must ensure that your resume and cover letter use keywords that make it clear upon automatic scanning that you have the necessary skills. Additionally, you may need to adjust your expectations of being able to preemptively interact with HR before you are contacted. 

Social Media Outreach

HR professionals are taking advantage of the technology capabilities and rich data mines of social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, to source for candidates and facilitate conversations. It is crucial for your job search success to have your LinkedIn profile as complete and polished as possible and for you to keep at least daily tabs on it for outreach from potential employers. 

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