Not Sure What Career is Right For You? Try Temporary Staffing

When you’re undecided about what type of career you want, you may be hesitant to job search and accept any offers because you don’t want to job hop. However, there is a possibility for exploring different opportunities without the commitment: temporary staffing or short-term jobs with specified end dates. If you’re not sure what career is right for you, learn more about why you should try temporary staffing: 

Types of Positions 

Sometimes certain job responsibilities can sound enjoyable (and vice versa) in theory until you actually perform them on a regular basis. Working temporary jobs allows you to work in different types of positions until you figure out what clicks for you to pursue long term.


As you’re trying to figure out what your career path will ultimately be, you can test out different industries with temporary employment. You may discover that industries that sounded appealing aren’t what you expected, or an industry you never would have considered ends up being the perfect fit. 

Work Environment

Aligning with a company’s workplace culture is a major factor in job satisfaction. Temporary staffing allows you to preview different work environments so you can narrow down what is the best fit for you in future job searching.

Work Schedule

If you’re unsure of what type of work schedule (overnights, standard 9 to 5, etc.) would work with your natural tendencies and personal obligations, temporary staffing can help. You can try out different work schedules to figure out your preference.

New Skills 

There are many transferable skills that can be applied to just about any future job, such as teamwork, communication, technology, problem-solving, and time management. Working temporary jobs allows you to gain new skills to boost your resume for future jobs once you have decided on a career path. 


Temporary staffing gets your foot in the door of a variety of employers, which in turn significantly increases the number of professional contacts you can make. Building a network of connections is an investment in your career – impress the right person, and they could reach out in the future with job leads or put in a good word for you with hiring managers.

Find New Opportunities 

Try out temporary staffing by teaming up with The Hire Firm. We will connect you to the available temporary employment opportunities from area employers that fit your skills and interests.  Get in touch today to get started with temporary staffing. 

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