Don’t Get Spooked! 4 Ways to Be More Confident Going Into an Interview

It’s understandable if you’re a bit anxious before a job interview – most candidates tend to be even the most seasoned professionals. However, if you don’t take steps to manage your nerves, it could prevent you from being able to leave a positive impression on your interviewer. Check out these four ways to be more confident going into an interview:

1. Reflect on Your Achievements 

Remind yourself that you are there for a reason: you have the qualifications the hiring manager looking for. To keep your confidence up before the interview, reflect on your specific professional achievements. This will help you switch your mindset into one that knows you have what it takes to handle whatever comes your way. You’ve done it before, and you can now do it again!

2. Visualize a Successful Outcome

If you’re only thinking about what you’re afraid will go wrong, you will carry that nervous energy into the interview. Instead, visualize a successful outcome. Imagine the interview playing out exactly as you want it to, from your introduction to answering questions with ease to thanking the interviewer at the end. You will boost your confidence because it’s like a mental dress rehearsal – your mind knows that it’s a realistic scenario that you will impress your interviewer.

3. Put Things into Perspective 

When you’re nervous before an interview, it’s typically because you have built it up into your mind as a critical, make-or-break scenario. Put things into perspective by telling yourself that the interview is truly just a conversation between you and another person and that no matter the impression you leave or the decision the hiring manager makes, you will learn from it, grow, and be fine in the end.

4. Focus on Your Breath 

When anxiety strikes, a physical indicator is a change in your breathing pattern, and you may feel short of breath. Calm your mind and body down by focusing on your breath. Take slow, deep breaths before your interview to relax and get you back in the moment so you can be clear-minded and intentional with your words and actions as opposed to freezing up or rambling.

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