Recruiters’ Advice on Hiring Top Accountants for Your Firm


Keeping financial information in order is one of the most important benchmarks for any business, whether it’s an accounting firm or a corporation. And doing so means having the right people in the right roles, particularly in the accounting department. Whether an organization has multiple accountants under the direction of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or just one full-time accountant that takes care of everything, those individuals have a big responsibility on their shoulders. 

Accountants take care of everything from payroll to invoicing and billing, tax preparation to financial recordkeeping. As more and more accounting functions become automated, many accountants take on more of an advisory role – it’s their job to analyze the numbers and draw conclusions from that, not just crunch numbers in a calculator. In fact, accountants are key resources for C-suite executives (like CFOs) to help in critical decision-making. 

Clearly, getting it right when it comes to hiring accounting talent is essential. But why is it so important to hire the right person? How can your firm attract the best accountants in your area? Let’s take a closer look at the advice from top Albuquerque job recruiters on finding the best accountants for your organization.  


Why is it Important to Hire the “Right” Person 

Why is it so important to find the right fit when it comes to hiring accountants? What benefits to the organization’s bottom line does this have?  


Here are just a few of the important reasons to hire the right person: 


Reduce Turnover 

When you hire the wrong person, they’re not likely to stick around in your organization for a long time. They’ll quickly leave you with the same gap you started with, which means you’ll have to start the hiring process all over again. But hiring the right person the first time means you won’t have that turnover to deal with. Get the right people in the door consistently, and your turnover rate will drop significantly over time. 


Accelerate Training Process  

Hiring accounting talent that is experienced and knowledgeable in the field makes for an easier and more streamlined training process. You won’t have to get the individual up to speed on how to balance the budgets, or how to use QuickBooks. They already know that. All you’ll need to do is get them trained on your business’s specific processes and tools, and they can hit the ground running.  


Saves Time and Resources 

Another benefit of hiring the right accounting talent: it saves your organization time and money. The recruiting and hiring process is faster, your turnover rate is lower, you get talent in the door and working from day one… it all adds up to significant cost savings, and it allows your existing staff to focus on core objectives rather than expending a lot of energy on hiring.  


How to Attract High-Performing Accountants for your Firm 

We’ve learned why it’s so important to hire the right accountants for your firm. But the question remains – how do you do it? What can you do to set yourself apart from the sea of competition where everyone is looking for that top accounting talent?  


Here are a few tips from our accounting and finance recruitment firm for attracting high-performing accounting talent:  


Provide Accurate Job Descriptions 

How accurate – and appealing – are the job descriptions you’re listing? Depending on how well your job descriptions are done, it could affect your search for top talent. Make sure the job description is accurate with a thorough list of duties and responsibilities that the candidate will be performing, as well as the qualifications needed for the role. Remember that job seekers are using certain terms when searching on career websites, so tailor your job descriptions to that end – consider including keywords like “staff accountant”  or “accounts receivable specialist” that speak to the role you’re hiring for.  


Present Industry-Leading Pay 

There’s just no way around it: The best way to be attractive to the best talent out there is to offer competitive pay. Do your research to learn what your competitors are paying talent at the level you’re hiring for, and match or exceed it. You can also compromise by paying slightly lower rates but offering a more thorough benefits package – or, include perks that your competitors can’t offer, like gas stipends, wellness programs, or student debt relief. 


Offer Job Flexibility 

Today’s top accounting candidates expect some level of flexibility in their job. The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the way we look at work, and strict hours simply aren’t part of the equation anymore. That doesn’t mean you have to adopt a full-fledged permanent remote model (although you can). Many companies are transitioning to a hybrid work model, where employees can choose whether they’d like to work remotely or in-office. Or, you can designate certain days of the week as remote days and others as in-office days. Implementing flex hours is another common option, which allows employees to start and end their days when they please.  


Diversify Recruiting Tactics 

In addition to posting your job listings on multiple career sites, be sure to post them on your firm’s own website and across your social media channels. Today’s job seekers are increasingly finding work through sites like LinkedIn, so be sure you’re reaching candidates where they are. You might also consider taking referrals from your current employees, or reaching out to local universities or schools with accounting programs. Thinking outside of the box in this way when it comes to your recruiting tactics can help you reach a wider swath of talent that you might otherwise miss.  


How Partnering with a Specialized Accounting Recruiter Can Help


Hiring the right accounting talent for your firm is important, and there are plenty of great ways to go about it yourself. But partnering with a specialized accounting and finance recruitment firm makes it even easier. When you partner with an accounting and finance firm like The Hire Firm, you’ll get: 


Access to Cultivated Network of Talent 

Accounting recruiters make it their business to create a network of professionals in their area. When you partner with a recruiter, you’re gaining access to that network. Recruiters are able to source both active and passive talent – people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job but would be open to it if the right one came along – to provide you with the top choices of accounting talent in your region. Rather than starting from scratch, you’re gaining access to industry professionals who make it their mission to provide the right accountant for the right firm, every time. 


Expert Industry Knowledge 

Accounting and finance recruiters know the accounting business. That means they know not only what employers are looking for out of the accounting talent they seek, but what job seekers are looking for out of their employers, too. That means recruiters can make accurate matches every time, sourcing candidates that don’t just have the right accounting skills on their resume but also the soft skills that make them a good cultural fit. An additional bonus: This reduces the risk of a bad hire, which can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. Because paying to fix hiring mistakes and starting the hiring process over gain can prove quite expensive, it’s best to avoid the problem entirely with the help of an experienced recruiter. 


Faster Hiring Process  

Another one of the great benefits of partnering with an accounting and finance recruiter is the speed with which you’ll access qualified candidates. Rather than crafting job descriptions, posting them, collecting resumes, filtering through candidates, and setting up interviews yourself, allow your recruiting partner to take care of the leg work for you. Not only does this take a lot of administrative headaches off your plate, it makes the entire process streamlined and quick. Before you know it, you’ll have your pick of multiple qualified accounting candidates that suit your needs. 


Partner with the Accounting Job Recruiters from The Hire Firm Today  

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