Are Temporary Workers Right for My Business?

Finding the right balance of optimal staffing for your business needs can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing in terms of hiring full-time employees – temporary workers can be an option to fill in the gaps without a long-term commitment. Learn more about how to determine if temporary workers are right for your business:

Required Turnaround Time

If you are in need of coverage with a speedy turnaround time, such as due to a sudden increased demand or a current employee being on unplanned leave, hiring temporary workers is a much quicker process than standard staffing. You can work with a staffing firm that has temporary employee candidates ready rather than waiting on the lengthy process of advertising, evaluating resumes, and conducting interviews on your own. 

Lack of Certainty in Long-Term Needs

Especially for small businesses or departments with fewer staff positions, it can be difficult to confidently determine when to bring on a new position or additional workers. Overstaffing is wasting money and results in a decline in morale when you have to eliminate positions – but if you remain understaffed too long, you can cause your staff to burn out. If you have a lack of certainty in your long-term needs, bringing on temporary workers can be a way to see if the additional help is warranted on a full-time basis. 

History of Bad Hires

Constant turnover is bad for business – not only does it waste time and productivity, but it also can put a burden on your long-term employees. Unfortunately, having a history of bad hires is a common issue that businesses of all sizes struggle with since it can be hard to accurately predict a candidate’s likelihood of success. When you opt to hire workers on a temporary basis, it gives you the opportunity to preview how they work – if you are impressed, you can keep them in mind for permanent hiring. 

Short-Term or Specialized Project 

If your business has a short-term or specialized project, temporary workers may be just what you need to handle the extra workload without burdening your current team. Additionally, if it requires a specific skill set that you don’t envision needing in-house on a long-term basis, you can hire a temporary worker to take on that work until the project is complete. 

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Find qualified temporary candidates by working with The Hire Firm for your recruitment needs. With nearly three decades of experience in recruitment and staffing in New Mexico, The Hire Firm will find qualified candidates that will be a successful fit. Contact us today to learn more about our employer services. 

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