Here’s Why You Should Rely on a Staffing Company for Candidate Screenings

Once you post a job listing, you may receive an often overwhelming amount of applications with which to review and decide which candidates should be contacted for further evaluation. If you would like to delegate this time-consuming initial screening process, a staffing company can be a valuable resource. Learn more about why you should rely on a staffing company for candidate screenings:


Staffing companies have extensive experience with screening resumes, while it is likely something you only do periodically on top of your other work. Since they are so used to the process, a staffing company will bring a level of efficiency that wouldn’t be likely if done in-house. This means you will get to review the top contenders in a much shorter turnaround.


When you opt to have a staffing company handle screening candidates, you can be confident they will only bring you candidates whom they have carefully vetted to fit your qualifications and preferences. They are vested in you having a successful hire because they want you to be satisfied with the service they provide. Plus, their expertise in reviewing candidates ensures they know what to look for in resumes and what questions to ask to ensure an optimal fit.


Bad hires can be costly, from wasted advertising and training expenses to lost productivity and morale. A staffing company’s experience with candidates makes them better able to determine the potential for success and uncover hidden red flags. This can help you avoid hiring someone who appears to be qualified, only to find out they will not work out. 


A staffing company can also handle the tedious but very necessary process of fact-checking employment and other background information for candidates. This way, you know that by the time you receive final candidates to evaluate, they will all have been thoroughly assessed by the staffing company, and you can then jump right into the more hands-on final decision-making process. 

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