The Power of Preparation: Tips for Acing Your Job Interview

Job interview nerves can prevent you from leaving a positive professional impression on hiring managers. Although some anxiety is bound to occur as a result of the nature of the high-pressure situation, taking control of the factors you are able to can empower you and increase your confidence.   Check out these tips for acing… Read More »

(Part 2) The Paradox of Layoffs and Low Unemployment: Exploring the Contradiction and Its Implications for Employers

The state of the labor market is a significant factor in how companies determine their talent acquisition and retention strategies. However, recent conditions demonstrate the low unemployment rates have remained consistent, while concurrently, there is news of layoffs across major U.S. companies. This is an unusual set of circumstances since companies cutting jobs would logically… Read More »

(Part 1) The Paradox of Layoffs and Low Unemployment: Exploring the Contradiction and Its Implications for Job Seekers

It is crucial for job seekers to know what type of job market they are facing so they can strategize and make the most effective decisions on what types of opportunities to pursue and what to expect from their endeavors. Recent data shows both continued low unemployment rates, while also a rise in layoffs among… Read More »

Back to the Office: An Analysis of Labor Demand, Compensation Changes, and Employer Benefits

A growing number of companies, including some of the largest companies in the US, are pivoting from the shift to remote work and implementing return-to-office mandates. For employees who have been working remotely since 2020 as a result of the pandemic, being required to return to the office after an extended period of time has… Read More »

Where Do You See Yourself This Time Next Year and How Might a Recruiter Make the Vision a Reality?

To get the career you want, it is important to be intentional about defining your overall goals and, most importantly, taking consistent action toward accomplishing them. Otherwise, you can get caught up in the day-to-day of your current situation and end up being complacent and eventually bored and dissatisfied. Check out these tips on how… Read More »

Why You Should Trust an Out-of-the-Box Thinker With Your Next Hiring Initiative

Hiring is always a risky endeavor – just about all hiring managers have experienced bad hires, even with a very strategic and thorough evaluation process. Being too set in a preconceived notion of an ideal candidate not only doesn’t guarantee a successful hire, but can also limit your talent acquisition potential.    Working with a… Read More »

Why All Accountants Should Have an Active and Ongoing Relationship With Their Recruiter

Even if you are happy in your current accounting position and employer, it is still worthwhile to maintain contact with a recruiter. You don’t have to be actively job searching for a recruiter to be able to offer benefits for your career. Learn more about why all accountants should have an active and ongoing relationship… Read More »

3 Ways to Identify if Your Top Performers Are Satisfied and Fulfilled by Their Workday

Landing top performers is challenging, but retaining them can be even more difficult. When you successfully hire in-demand talent, it is crucial to be intentional about ensuring they are happy in their roles and environment so you don’t lose them to other employers. Learn more with these three ways to identify if your top performers… Read More »

Happy in Your Current HR Role? Consider These 3 Reasons Why You Deserve a Promotion

A major factor that contributes to career satisfaction is feeling challenged and growing professionally. It is important to regularly assess your current situation to ensure you don’t remain complacent and end up feeling unfulfilled. Even if you are happy in your current HR role, consider these three reasons why you deserve a promotion:   1. You… Read More »

Lessons From “Moneyball” That Can Teach You How To Be More Deliberate in Your Hiring

“Moneyball” is a sports movie based on the book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” by Michael Lewis. It details the 2002 season of the Oakland Athletics going from having the worst record in Major League Baseball with a low budget to setting a record with 20 wins in a row.  What does… Read More »