How to Stand Out as a Smaller Employer

Recruiting can be more challenging when you’re a smaller employer competing against large corporations. However, it can be successfully accomplished if you strategically communicate the professional advantages you can offer that big business cannot. Learn more about how to stand out as a smaller employer: 

Develop a Robust Online Presence

There are so many job postings that end up being scams, so savvy job seekers practice due diligence and research companies before applying. If prospective candidates enter your business’s name into a search engine and get only very limited results, they may not consider applying. Develop a robust online presence, such as a professional website, social media (at least a LinkedIn company page), press releases, or blogs. This will help not only to catch the attention of engaged job seekers but also give passive candidates who hear about your business an opportunity to learn more about it and be likely to take action and apply. 

Solidify Your Brand

Prospective candidates often make their decisions on which companies to apply for based on their perceptions of what they are like as employers. Since smaller employers don’t tend to have that type of recognition, stand out by solidifying your employer brand. What values does your company stand for? What is the company culture like? What is so great about working there? Clarify these key aspects, and then communicate them clearly every opportunity you get, from the Careers page on your website to social media to job postings. 

Offer Compelling Benefits and Perks

As a smaller employer, you may not be able to match the salary ranges that larger corporations offer exactly. However, a paycheck is only one form of compensation that candidates look for, so consider the value you can provide in other ways that will be meaningful. For example, you could cover a higher percentage of health insurance premiums, or offer a more flexible schedule, more time off, or opportunities to work from home. Top talent may be more inclined to take an initial pay cut if you can provide a better work-life balance that often is sacrificed for a high salary. 

Get Recruitment Support 

Outsourcing talent acquisition can help your small business remain competitive as an employer while allowing you to focus on your business operations. Partner with our team of recruiting experts at The Hire Firm to land top talent. Our mission is to work closely with employers to truly understand their needs and find them the candidates who are the best fit. Get in touch today to get started.

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