What 2021 Graduates Are Looking for From Their Potential Employers

Recruiting new graduates is an integral part of your company’s long-term success. Once you get them on your team in entry-level positions, you can help them develop into strong performers and grow within your organization. Learn more about what 2021 graduates are looking for from their potential employers:

Competitive Compensation 

First and foremost, recent graduates want a job with adequate pay, especially if they are carrying student loan debt. Ensure you are offering market value salary and benefits comparable to your competitors. Recent graduates came of age during an economic recession and tend to value financial stability and are likely to consider a company’s other benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans, when making a job decision.

Work-Life Balance

Recent graduates may be excited to get their foot in the door of their first employer, but not at the expense of their personal lives or mental health. When evaluating potential employers, they want one that demonstrates they value their employees’ work-life balance, such as flexibility with scheduling or opportunities to work remotely.

Room for Growth

The most in-demand recent graduate candidates are also the most likely to be ambitious and already planning out their career progression. If you want to attract these prospects, make it clear there is room for growth within your company. Highlight professional development opportunities you offer, such as training, mentorship programs, and a dedication to promoting from within. Share any stories of leaders who started their careers with your company and have advanced to higher-level roles. 

Positive Company Culture

Between social media and employer review sites, candidates have a wealth of information about what it’s truly like to work at various employers. As recent graduates decide which employers to pursue, positive company culture is a major factor. In your recruitment efforts, ensure you are clearly conveying your organization’s mission, core values, and the day-to-day work environment to give prospective candidates a sense of what it would be like to work there. 

Meaningful Work

Landing their first professional jobs in the “real world” after graduation is a significant milestone, and recent graduates understandably want to feel like all the hard work they put into their education is going to pay off with a fulfilling career that gives them a sense of purpose. Don’t just focus on the tangible advantages you would offer as an employer – showcase how meaningful their work would be, such as how it would help others or provide an impact to a mission.

Attract Top Talent

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