What to Look for When Hiring a Top Tier Paralegal

Paralegals play an integral role in the success of a law firm. They not only provide the administrative support that frees up lawyers’ valuable time but can help with client satisfaction and overall firm reputation. Learn more about what to look for when hiring a top tier paralegal:

Strong Communication Skills

Both verbal and written communication skills are absolutely crucial for a paralegal to represent your office best. They need to be able to express themselves clearly when speaking to clients or providing you with progress updates, along with taking notes and writing memos, and more. Pay close attention to how to articulate candidates come across in their cover letters/resumes and during interviews.


The main benefit of hiring a paralegal is to allow attorneys the ability to focus their attention on practicing law and not be distracted with administrative tasks. Therefore, top paralegal candidates should be self-motivated and able to work autonomously without the need for constant oversight by a supervisor. During candidate interviews, ask for examples of how they have set priorities and remained focused at work.

Attention to Detail 

Missing critical information when performing legal research, taking notes, or writing memos can have major consequences when dealing with legal cases. The best paralegals are meticulous in their observation and actions, so consider it a red flag if candidates don’t follow application instructions precisely or submit a resume or cover letter containing errors. After all, if they don’t double-check their own documents when they should ideally be trying to make the best impression possible, it’s likely they could also let mistakes slip through the cracks if hired.

Calm Under Pressure

Working in the legal field can be extremely stressful at times. From the fast pace at which tasks can be thrown at them to dealing with frustrated or angry clients, it can be a lot to handle. Paralegals must have the ability to remain calm under pressure; therefore, when evaluating candidates, take note of how they conduct themselves during the interview, which can be a nerve-wracking experience. Also, ask them to tell you specifically how they have dealt with workplace stress in previous roles. 

Find the Right Candidates

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