What to Offer Your Non-Profit Employees to Keep Them Motivated

The non-profit sector can be immensely rewarding for employees but also comes with a high risk of burnout. Often non-profit employees are juggling heavy workloads with limited resources, so inevitably, they may start to lose motivation at times. Since you may not have the ability to provide financial incentives due to budgetary constraints, it’s essential to be proactive at finding other effective methods. Learn more about what to offer your non-profit employees to keep them motivated:

A Renewed Sense of Purpose

When your non-profit team is struggling to remain motivated, remind them of the passion for the cause that made them choose their professional calling. Communicate specific differences they have made to advance the mission of the organization and exactly how their valuable work contributed. 

Goals to Strive Toward

If your non-profit employees are getting bogged down in the day-to-day short-term urgent tasks, they can start to feel like they are only ever in a reactive mode. Motivation naturally wanes when employees are only ever responding to needs that pop up suddenly, rather than being able to be proactive. Work together to set goals they can strive toward, so they actually make progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Recognition for Their Hard Work

Most people who choose to pursue non-profit work understand it will be challenging but worthwhile in the end. However, all the effort they put in and all the stress they deal with can be draining, especially if it doesn’t seem to be noticed or appreciated. Make it a priority to provide recognition for their hard work on a regular basis to keep their spirits and motivation levels up. Personalize your compliments and communicate them in real-time for maximum effectiveness. 

Opportunities to Have Some Fun Together

Sometimes your team just needs a chance to step back, take a break, and recharge. When you notice your non-profit employees are starting to burn out, plan an opportunity for them to have some fun together. Whether it’s a meal together, a group activity, or even just all taking a break to stream an episode of a TV show, it’s a way to build your team and boost morale. 

Start Finding Non-Profit Candidates

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