Ready For a New Position? Here are Tips for Job Searching While Currently Employed

Once you’ve made the decision that it’s time for a professional change, the real work begins. A successful job search requires a well-planned strategy, along with the time to implement it. However,  if you already have a job, having to juggle your day-to-day obligations and a new search can be challenging both logistically and ethically. If you are ready for a new position, check out these tips for job searching while currently employed:

Practice Discretion

It can be a delicate situation when you’re looking for a new job when you’re already employed. Since you never know how your current employer will handle it if they find out, it’s best to practice discretion and keep your job search private (even to your friendly colleagues). Schedule your interviews outside of work hours (such as on your lunch break) or on vacation days if possible. 

Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile 

Recruiters and hiring managers are likely to want to take a look at your LinkedIn profile, so it’s essential to have it be up-to-date with your latest accomplishments and experience. However, to prevent notifying your LinkedIn connections that you have edited your profile (a surefire sign to your boss and colleagues that you’re job searching), be sure to adjust your privacy settings and turn off permissions to share your activities with your network. 

Set Aside Job Search Time (Outside of Work Hours)

It is inappropriate to utilize your current employer’s resources for your job search (i.e., don’t use a company phone or computer for job searching activities); therefore, you must be proactive at scheduling consistent time to devote to it during your off-work hours. Block off specific chunks of time for your job search activities and integrate it into your daily routine. Even if you can only devote 30 minutes every morning before work, taking consistent action will keep you on track to achieving your goals more than waiting until you have large chunks of time. 

Maintain Your Current Engagement and Productivity

Just because you’re ready to move on to pursue new professional opportunities doesn’t mean you should let your current performance slide. Maintain your current engagement and productivity levels so that when you do move on, you have not burned any bridges and will have references in the future. Remember: it can take months to land a new job, so don’t mentally check out until you are truly ready to give notice to your current employer. 

Find the Right Job for You

Are you ready to take the next step and start exploring what other professional opportunities are out there?  Team up with The Hire Firm to make your job search more effective and less time-consuming. We have nearly three decades of experience in finding top talent for employers in New Mexico and can connect you with only the available positions that are the perfect fit for your skillset and goals. Get in touch today to get started on your job search.

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