5 Benefits of Taking a Chance on an Entry Level Candidate vs. a Seasoned Candidate

It may seem like a no-brainer that a candidate with more experience is the better choice over a newcomer – however, that is not necessarily the case. Although it may require more upfront time to train new hires with less work history in your area, it can pay off greatly. Learn more about the benefits of taking a chance on an entry-level candidate:

1. New Perspectives

Someone who is outside of your industry or who is newer to the professional world can be a great asset to your organization by offering new perspectives. They may ask questions or offer different ideas that a more experienced candidate may not have since they are more closely aligned with the way things have normally been done. 

2. Fewer Barriers to Coaching

A common issue when hiring new employees who are experienced in your industry is the ingrained ideas and habits they have gained through their time working. Whether it’s how a previous employer handled specific processes or simply their own anecdotal history, seasoned candidates may have preexisting notions that can be barriers to coaching them to perform to your organizational standards, while entry-level candidates are fresh slates for training. 

3. Builds Internal Talent Pipeline

In order to fill your available leadership positions with the best prospects, it’s crucial to always be building a talent pipeline of individuals who may be a good fit in the future. By hiring entry-level candidates who have the traits that indicate high potential for success, you can develop their leadership skills and put them on the track to grow within your company when the time comes. 

4. Higher Levels of Engagement and Risk-Taking

What entry-level candidates lack indirectly applicable work experience they often make up for with enthusiasm for the new phase on which they’re embarking. This excitement generally translates to higher levels of engagement and risk-taking than a more seasoned candidate, whose past experiences may have made them lose that initial spark of passion or become risk-averse because of past mistakes. 

5. More Likely to be Committed

If you give an entry-level candidate a chance and hire them over a more experienced candidate, it’s highly likely they will feel a sense of gratitude to you for allowing them the opportunity to get their careers started. This sense of appreciation makes for a more loyal employee who may be more likely to commit to growing within your company and being the most valuable asset possible. 

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