Signs That Your Job Isn’t a Strong Start to Your Career

The start to your career should be a fresh, exciting time full of possibilities. After you become acclimated to your job, understandably, some of that novelty wears off as you deal with the day-to-day grind. However, it’s important to be on the lookout for indicators of how well your job aligns with your long-term professional plan. Learn more about the signs that your job isn’t a strong start to your career:

It Doesn’t Utilize Your Skills

Certainly, as a team player, it’s important to be flexible about taking on “other duties as assigned.” However, if the bulk of your workday is spent on work that doesn’t utilize the skills for which you were hired, it could end up holding you back professionally. Your job should be playing to your strengths and helping them get even better. 

Your Morale is Consistently Low

Every job has good and bad days or times in which your motivation ebbs and flows. If your morale is consistently low when you are at work, or you thoroughly dread going back after your days off, that is a problem that needs addressing. It is likely to be a sign that you are bored because you’re not challenged, or the environment is toxic. 

You Don’t Receive Effective Feedback

Feedback is crucial at every stage of your career, but especially so when you are just starting your career. Consider the level and quality of feedback you receive from your boss – if it is ineffective at providing you the insight on your strengths and challenges, you could be missing out on reaching your potential. 

There is a Lack of Professional Development

Mastering your current responsibilities is important, but you also need to be intentional about gaining relevant experience that helps you grow. To help you achieve your career goals, your job needs to provide ongoing professional development. It is understandably challenging to find the time and resources for professional development, but if you get the feeling your boss simply does not prioritize it, that is a sign your job may be hindering your career possibilities. 

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