How Offering Temp-Perm Positions Can Lead to Finding the Perfect Candidate

Temporary-to-permanent employment is a staffing option in which workers are hired on for a predetermined period of time, with the possibility of it extending into a full-time role. This offers a variety of benefits as an employer to improve hiring decisions and reduce the risk of bad hires.  Learn more about how offering temp-perm positions can lead to finding the perfect candidate:

Allows Time to Assess Overall Fit

The main advantage of temp-perm positions is that it essentially serves as a preview of the employee’s ability to perform the job, so you can opt-out if they don’t have the necessary skills or aptitude. In addition to assessing if they are truly qualified, you also have time to see how the employee aligns with the company culture, gets along with their colleagues, and their level of professionalism. 

Prevents Employee Turnover

This initial employment period is also for the benefit of the employee, as they can see if they like the job, work environment, schedule, culture, etc. If they realize it doesn’t fit their needs and preferences, you can part ways and not extend it to a permanent hire. This prevents employee turnover by ensuring it’s a mutually satisfactory arrangement from the beginning, instead of investing time and resources into training a new hire who may be planning their exit as soon as possible. 

Offers Chance to Test Out Potential

The concept of hiring a candidate based on their potential to perform the job and then coaching them to flourish within your company can be risky to implement. However, in a competitive hiring landscape, you may have difficulty landing candidates with all the qualifications and experience you desire. With temporary-to-permanent positions, you can test out candidates who have the drive, work ethic, and soft skills you want and see if they can learn on the job without fully committing to hiring them from the start. 

Attract Top Talent

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