Find the Right Fit: 6 Signs the Job You’re Interviewing for Fits Your Need and Values

The level of satisfaction you have regarding your job can significantly influence your overall well-being. When you’re job searching, it’s vital to pay close attention to indicators of whether or not a job will be right for you. Check out these six signs the job you’re interviewing for fits your needs and values:

1. The Day-to-Day Responsibilities Appeal to Your Strengths

During the interview, you should learn more details about what an average workday would be like in the role and how your time would be divided out among the various responsibilities listed in the job description. If the day-to-day responsibilities appeal to your strengths, that’s a positive sign you would find the job stimulating and not be bored or wasting your potential. 

2. You Have a Positive Impression of Your Potential Boss

No matter how great an opportunity may appear at face value, having a negative relationship with the manager can quickly sour the whole experience. During the job interview, if you have a positive impression of your potential boss, such as they treat you with kindness and respect and you develop a rapport, it is likely to be a great fit. 

3. The Culture Aligns With Your Own Values

Company culture is also an important factor in how happy you will be in a job. Reflect on what you learn of the company’s mission and core values and how well it aligns with your own personal values. For example, if you are purpose-driven and aim to serve people, you will not be happy in a company with a competitive, profit-based culture. 

4. It Will Help You Progress Toward Your Career Goals

It’s essential that you don’t just consider your short-term satisfaction when considering a job – you also need to think about the bigger picture. Think about your long-term career goals and whether or not the job you’re interviewing for will help you advance toward them, such as gaining relevant experience and skills or advancement opportunities. 

5. The Work Environment Suits Your Lifestyle

Work-life balance is another important factor to learn more about during a job interview to help you determine if an opportunity is a match for you. Think about your personal obligations and preferences and what type of work environment would suit your lifestyle. For example, if you have young children, you may need an employer that offers flexibility with scheduling, remote work, or expectations of availability off-hours. 

6. You Have a Gut Feeling

Listen to your instincts. If you have listened carefully to the information provided and asked insightful questions of your own during your job interview, and your gut feeling is that the job fits your needs and values, that is likely your best sign to move forward with pursuing it. 

Find the Right Job for You

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