5 Common Obstacles That May Be Holding You Back from Career Success

While there are always factors out of your control when it comes to your career, for the most part, you have the power to achieve your professional dreams. However, you may inadvertently be preventing yourself from reaching your full potential – but luckily, having self-awareness and taking action can help you overcome these issues. Learn more about five common obstacles that may be holding you back from career success:

1. You Don’t Have the Right Skills or Experience

If you’re trying to get to the next level in your career, you may find that you don’t have all the qualifications hiring managers require, especially as technology and market needs can change so quickly. Brainstorm ways you can learn new skills or gain experience in key areas, such as volunteering to take on new tasks at your current job, investing in training courses in your free time, or even taking on volunteer or temporary work. 

2. You Are Lacking Clarity 

Often working professionals find themselves feeling dissatisfied with the state of their careers but unsure of what they truly want to do instead – let alone how to go about making it happen. Gain clarity on your career goals – do some contemplation on what types of work tasks excite you or come easily to you, along with the type of work environment you prefer, work-life balance, and ultimately the vision you would like for your career in the next few years. Once you establish a clear idea of what you want out of your career, you can break down your goals into more manageable small steps and take action at making them a reality. 

3. You Fear Taking Risks

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary, but it is ultimately necessary for you to grow professionally. If you fear taking any risks, such as pushing yourself to take on projects that will challenge you or applying for new jobs, you may not ever take the steps needed to get to the next stage in your career. Alleviate this by getting into the right mindset and reminding yourself that even if you fail, you can learn from it and bounce back stronger than ever – but if you never take risks, you will only be hurting yourself and your own ambitions. 

4. You Put Off Taking Action

When you’re busy with your day-to-day work and home life, it can be difficult to build in time to pursue your longer-term professional goals. You may end up putting off taking action until “someday,” – but that time may never come unless you are proactive. Sit down and review your current daily schedule, along with your ultimate career goals and all the steps needed to accomplish them. Then, determine where you could fit in time on your schedule to devote to these steps, no matter how small. 

5. You Give Up After Rejection

When you’re trying to grow in your career, you will generally face rejection, whether it’s getting turned down for a promotion or not receiving job offers after interviews. Don’t resign yourself to the notion that your goals will never happen or it’s just not meant to be after these rejections. Instead, allow yourself a limited amount of time to be upset, and then start coming up with changes you could make, like practicing your interview skills or figuring out ways to build your resume, until you find the best way to present yourself and your qualifications. 

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