Give Thanks This Holiday Season With Employee Appreciation

Your employees work hard and make valuable contributions all year long, so the holiday season is an ideal time to provide more tangible forms of your gratitude.  Regardless of the size of your budget, being authentic and sincere is key to ensuring your team really feels recognized. Give thanks this holiday season with these ideas for showing employee appreciation:

Write a Personalized Note

The best gifts are generally not ones you purchase but that come from the heart. Your employees will likely feel the most appreciated by hearing directly from you exactly how they have impacted you. Write a personalized note inside of a card for each of the members of your team, in which you detail precisely what you appreciate about them, for a simple but very touching gesture.

Give Thoughtful Presents

Buying gifts for employees is a tricky endeavor that can inadvertently backfire if the items selected are too generic, regardless of the cost. If you would like to opt for purchasing presents for your team, be sure to put thought into what would appeal most to each employee. If it is not feasible to purchase individual gifts, depending on the size of your team, even nominal amounts of cash or gift cards that you get for everyone will be useful and appreciated.

Host a Social Gathering

The holiday season is full of festivity and cheer, so bring your team together and give them time to socialize together away from their work. Host a social gathering, such as a catered lunch or a fun off-site activity, as a way to show your appreciation for your employees and allow them time to recharge and connect with one another. 

Offer the Gift of Time

The bustling nature of the holiday season can also bring about feelings of stress for your employees if they are juggling work and other personal obligations. If it is doable, offer the gift of time as a way to delight your team and give thanks for all that they do. Offer an additional paid day off or simply surprise them and tell everyone they can go home early on a particular day. What it costs in a slight dip in productivity will more than pay off in a boost in morale. 

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