When To Be Flexible About Hiring Candidates From Different Backgrounds and Industries

The standard hiring process is generally based upon seeking out “ideal” candidates whose qualifications align perfectly with your open positions. However, if you are open to other possibilities, you can not only be more nimble with your talent acquisition but also experience other benefits for your organization. Learn more about when to be flexible about hiring candidates from different backgrounds and industries:

There is a Limited Talent Pool

When you are trying to hire within a tight labor market, you likely will not be in a position of power to be overly selective. When there is a limited talent pool, expanding your recruiting strategy to go beyond your company’s sector can help you fill positions in a timely and effective manner. 

They Have Transferable Skills

Even if industries are different, the overall duties may be rooted in the same types of necessary skills. Think about the duties of the position in a more broad manner and consider the overall skills needed to be successful in those areas. For example, a candidate who excels in sales in another industry may be able to pivot easily if they have shown they can follow best practices. 

Missing Skills Can Be Easily Taught

Consider the nature of any industry-specific duties required for the role and how easily they can be picked up through coaching and practice. If missing skills can easily be taught to the right candidate, rather than requiring extensive specialized training, you may be able to get a candidate from an outside field up to speed pretty quickly after investing some time upfront. 

They Have the Right Personal Traits

The common characteristics for high-performing employees are often universal, despite differing work backgrounds. Being able to hire a candidate who is driven to succeed, has a strong work ethic, is open to feedback, and is dedicated to professional growth, may be better for your company in the long term than solely trying to land candidates with experience in your industry, but lacking the right personal traits. 

Start Finding Qualified Candidates

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