Spring Cleaning Time! 5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Resume

Springtime brings with it a feeling of newness, making it a great time to freshen up your surroundings. Spring cleaning time doesn’t just have to apply to your home; it’s also a great reminder to take a look at your resume and see what changes can be made to make it as presentable and effective as possible. Check out these five tips for cleaning up your resume:

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Give your resume a thorough decluttering by removing any references to jobs or skills that are no longer relevant to your current professional situation. Consider the types of positions you want to pursue, and get rid of any content on your resume that doesn’t relate to them. For example, jobs from several years ago or past duties that would not help you land the new opportunities you pursue. 

2. Tidy Up the Typos  

Do some detailed spot-checking on your resume to uncover any misspellings or grammatical errors. Even better is if you can get another person to also review it with a fresh set of eyes. Tidying up these typos will put you in a better position to impress hiring managers by clearly demonstrating your written communication skills and attention to detail. 

3. Replace Passive Wording

Polish up the content on your resume by replacing passive wording with more actionable verbs. For instance, a bullet point like “Responsible for handling XYZ” isn’t as eye-catching as starting with verbs like “created,” “optimized,” or “collaborated.” When possible, add numbers or other supportive metrics to your bullet points to make your resume content stronger and more compelling. 

4. Sprinkle in Strategic Keywords

It is highly likely that your resume will be entered into an applicant tracking system (ATS) or database software that automates the initial stage of the application process long before it is viewed by a person. Therefore, it’s crucial that you craft your resume in a way that makes it clear to the software that you are qualified for the position. Review the job description for commonly used words, phrases, and acronyms, and sprinkle in these keywords strategically throughout your resume. This prevents your resume from being filtered out because you used different wording, making it appear you don’t meet the qualifications.  

5. Make it More Visually Appealing

When your resume does make its way to human eyes, it is generally only briefly scanned before a hiring manager determines if it’s worth pursuing further. Rework your resume to make it more visually appealing and easier for the reader to retain the most relevant information in a very brief manner. Add plenty of white space by keeping your bullet points concise and including sufficient breaks between sections. 

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