New Manager Checklist to Create a Powerful Team Culture

Being a new manager can be overwhelming, but there is one key area to focus your efforts on that will help you be a successful leader: cultivating a positive workplace culture. Positive workplaces cultures tend to value collaborative and trustworthy relationships, recognition for effort, encouragement of professional growth, and overall support in helping one another succeed. Create a powerful team culture with our new manager checklist:

Define Your Management Style

The first impression you make on your new team as their manager is crucial, so prepare ahead of time. Brainstorm to get some clarity on how you want to present yourself. Define the management style you want to lead by – consider the qualities of the best (and worst) managers you’ve had through your career to identify the way you desire your team to view you. Keep these values top of mind and utilize them for all interactions and decision-making with your new team. 

Establish Open Communication 

Some aspects of a positive team culture can be cultivated over time organically, but a transparent, professional relationship should be a top priority in order to gain your employees’ trust as soon as possible. Establish open communication as soon as possible by scheduling one-on-one meetings with each of your employees to get to know them as people, as well as ask about their goals and challenges they have experienced. Ask for feedback from your team, and let them know you have an open-door policy and are always available to answer questions or listen to concerns. 

Explain Your Vision and Expectations

Once you’ve observed the landscape and gotten to understand the current workplace culture, both from a broader organizational view and your specific staff, take time to discuss what you hope to achieve with your team culture. Explain your vision and expectations to your employees so they can understand and help support it together. 

Recognize Wins

Taking the concept of the team culture you want to build and turning it into reality requires consistency and positive reinforcement. Make it a point to recognize wins in the right direction by acknowledging and complimenting your employees when they take action that supports the culture you are wanting to cultivate. 

Make Changes as Needed

Set aside dedicated time to evaluate and reassess the state of your team culture and the effectiveness of your initiatives. Make changes as needed until you are satisfied with your workplace environment, morale, productivity, and any other relevant factors. 

Attract Top Talent

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