Maximizing Your PTO for 2022

Taking your allotted paid time off is essential for your overall well-being. Still, if you’re like many working professionals, you may not be utilizing your PTO to its full advantage because you get caught up in the daily grind of your workload. However, time away from the office can help you rest and come back more energized and productive. Maximize your PTO for 2022 with these tips:

Determine Timing in Advance

Don’t wait for the “right time” to take your PTO. If you wait to make your decisions, it is less likely to either happen at all or be the optimal period. Determine your timing in advance – review your calendar for the year and decide on the best times that would bring you the most fulfillment. 

Cover Your Bases

It is counterproductive to take PTO, only to come back to a mounting workload and problems that occurred during your absence that now need to be solved. Before you leave for your vacation time, be intentional about covering your bases. Remind your boss about your upcoming PTO and the status of any current projects, put together documentation with any necessary information for your colleagues so they won’t need to contact you for work-related tasks, and anything else you can think of that will make things run smoother in your absence and make your return more peaceful. 

Establish Boundaries

It is counterproductive to spend your PTO checking emails or completing work tasks. To fully maximize your PTO, it’s crucial to establish boundaries. Set up an automatic out-of-office reply for your email, letting people know the dates that you are out and when they can expect a response, and/or who to contact in your absence. Turn off any work-related notifications that could come through your personal devices, and make a commitment to yourself to not log in or think about work during your time away. 

Focus on Recharging 

Consider what types of activities will be most beneficial at leaving you rested and recharged. Respect what works best for you, and don’t feel pressured into spending your PTO how you think you “should.” 

Find the Right Role for You

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