Is Your Onboarding Process Costing You Talent?

Onboarding new employees is not simply an administrative task to check off the list. In fact, for new employees, how they are welcomed and prepared for their new roles by their new employers can be significantly influential in whether they see themselves wanting to commit for the long term. Prevent losing top talent with these tips for an effective onboarding process:

Engage Early 

Quality onboarding should start before your new employee’s first day. Engage with new hires early on, such as by reaching out via email with a welcoming message stating that you’re excited for them to join the team. You can also ease their first-day jitters by providing a brief overview agenda of what to expect on Day One or helpful tips, such as where to park when they arrive. 

Prioritize a Positive First Impression 

It is, unfortunately, a common experience for new hires to arrive on their first day, only for their new employer to appear not to be expecting them. Not only is this disappointing to excited new employees, but it also can make your organization appear unorganized or disengaged. Prioritize giving a positive first impression to your new hires by being thoroughly prepared for onboarding. Ensure their workspace is ready, any login or other credentials have been requested, and that others in the workplace know that the new hire is starting that day. 

Incorporate Culture Into the Training

While performing duties of the specific job and understanding administrative policies is integral to onboarding, it should not be the sole purpose. Incorporate company culture into new employee training to get them engaged right away – it is crucial information for them to be able to succeed. Discuss your company’s mission, core values, teamwork style, and any other facets of the workplace culture new hires would find relevant for both job performance and overall job satisfaction. 

Provide Resources for Self-Guidance

Onboarding can be a very overwhelming process due to the sheer amount of information new hires have to learn. Give them the opportunity to get up to speed quickly without the stress of making mistakes or inadvertently picking up bad habits by providing resources for self-guidance. This may include: frequently asked questions compiled on the company intranet, a department and/or role-specific document of reference material, or assigning one of their new colleagues to be an official mentor to field questions. 

Schedule Regular Progress Check-Ups

If you want to retain top talent, doing all that you can to ensure a smooth acclimation period is crucial. Schedule regular progress check-ups into the onboarding process. During these one-on-one meetings, ask for feedback, set expectations, address challenges, and overall just communicate that you have the goal of wanting to do whatever it takes to help them succeed since you value them as a contributor. 

Attract Top Talent

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