It’s Graduation Season! Tips for College Grads Entering The Workforce

Taking the major step from college into the workforce is exciting but can be understandably overwhelming. Even if you’ve held jobs while in school, starting your career is a whole new experience to navigate. If you’re graduating this season, check out these tips for college grads entering the workforce:

Set Realistic Expectations

Patience is key when you are first starting your career after college. Having ambitions and lofty goals is important, but it’s necessary to set realistic expectations. Be prepared to put in the time to earn a positive reputation and be given more responsibility over time by completing seemingly lower-level tasks to your maximum ability.

Ask Questions 

Taking what you learned in the classroom and applying it to the workplace can be a challenging transition. Fortunately, your boss and colleagues do not expect you to have in-depth knowledge yet. However, it is up to you to be self-sufficient and take the initiative to find out what you need to know to perform your job and establish good habits. Whenever you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask questions – just make sure you take notes for your reference, so you aren’t repeatedly asking the same questions.

Be Considerate of Culture

The accepted cultural norms of the workplace are generally incredibly different than the classroom. Not only that, each specific workplace has its own unique company culture. As a new grad, you need to be considerate of the culture of your new workplace. Don’t make any assumptions but instead simply observe the processes and interactions to get an overall sense of the unwritten rules of what is acceptable and what is not. 

Keep Developing Skills

You are already in the habit of learning new concepts and skills from your time in the classroom, but it shouldn’t stop once you’re working. Prioritize continuous professional development and ensure you are always keeping your hard and soft skills sharp or gaining valuable new ones that make you a marketable candidate for future promotions. Examples include: attending conferences, watching webinars, reading industry books, etc. 

Form Connections with Colleagues 

Building professional relationships can be intimidating as you’re starting your first job after graduating college, but putting in the effort and stepping out of your comfort zone can greatly pay off. Introduce yourself, volunteer to help out your coworkers, and show interest in them. Forming connections with colleagues can not only make the workplace more enjoyable but also can have someone to provide advice. In the longer term, these connections could even lead to job leads or positive references.

Explore New Opportunities

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