Hiring Challenges? Get The Job Done In Half The Time

The current state of the labor market is tight, with employers competing for a limited pool of talent for their openings. Although taking the time to be intentional and make well-informed hiring decisions is important, it is crucial to ensure your hiring process is as streamlined as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing out on top prospects. If you are experiencing hiring challenges, get the job done in half the time with these tips:


Verify Your Compensation Package Aligns with Marketplace Expectations

A common, yet disappointing outcome of the hiring process is finding a candidate you are excited about and having them turn down your offer. This is not only frustrating, but it wastes time if you don’t find out their expectations are significantly different than your offer until the end negotiation stages. Do some research on the current state of the marketplace to determine expectations candidates have for compensation, including salary, benefits, workplace flexibility, scheduling, and other perks. 


Adjust Your Candidate Qualification Expectations

Another common holdup in the hiring process is having an overly extensive wish list of requirements or being rigid with preconceived notions of the ideal candidate. To make successful hires while still saving time, adjust your candidate qualification expectations. Prioritize the skills and experience truly necessary to perform the role, so you can get more applicants in a timely manner. 


Craft Job Descriptions Strategically

If hiring is taking too long for your liking, it could be an indicator that the job descriptions posted are not informative or interesting enough to draw in applicants. Craft your job descriptions strategically – highlight the key qualifications and responsibilities for the role, as well as information about company culture, work environment, and advantages of picking you as an employer. 


Streamline the Evaluation Process

Often the hiring process gets delayed during the decision-making stage, which is typically due to a lack of clarity upfront regarding criteria. Streamline the evaluation process by identifying the key qualifications, including specific technical skills, soft skills, and other traits necessary for success in the role. Then, focus on asking questions and scoring candidates based on that criteria to limit subjective, time-consuming judgment calls


Team Up With a Staffing Firm

Hiring can get held up simply because you have so many other urgent work tasks that also must be done. Get your hiring completed in a timely manner by teaming up with a staffing firm. They can dedicate their focus and effort to efficiently and expertly attracting qualified applicants, reviewing resumes, and pre-screening candidates to ensure you are satisfied with both the speed and quality of the prospects you receive. 


Attract Top Talent

Make your hiring process quicker while still successfully landing the most qualified candidates by partnering with The Hire Firm for your recruitment needs. The Hire Firm is a leading job placement agency serving employers in the Northern New Mexico area, across industries. Contact us today to learn more about our employer services. 

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