To Get a Job Offer, Use These 4 Tips

After submitting your resume for numerous job openings, when you receive an opportunity to interview for a role, it is both an exciting and nerve-wracking feeling. However, being intentional about preparing for the interview will help ensure you leave a positive, lasting impression on the hiring manager. To get a job offer, use these four tips: 


1. Do Your Research

One of the main factors hiring managers use to evaluate candidates is how much effort they put into learning about the company. Do your research on your potential employer – read their website to understand not only the product/services offered but also their mission and core values. Also, take a look at any company social media accounts and recent press releases to see what new and exciting things the company has been up to. This gives you the information you need to tailor your interview answers, as well as establish rapport as you make small talk with the interviewer. 


2. Develop Talking Points

Although you don’t want to completely write your interview responses ahead of time and deliver them word-for-word, taking the time to develop talking points before the interview will ensure you are confident in the image you project to the interviewer. You can give them the information they need to realize you are the one for the job and not waste time rambling or becoming tongue-tied due to nerves. Be ready to answer key questions, like why you’re interested in the job and what makes you qualified. Additionally, have specific examples from previous work experience so you can tell stories if needed to highlight soft skills, like teamwork and handling mistakes. 


3. Ask Thoughtful Questions 

Interviewers are not only assessing how you answer their questions when determining the type of employee you could be if hired, they also take notice of the types of questions you ask them. Candidates who don’t have any questions at all can come off as disinterested, while having only self-serving questions (such as about perks and pay, but nothing about the job duties) seems unprofessional. Ask thoughtful questions that show you care about learning more about the job and how you could be an asset, such as about how success is measured in the role or what opportunities are available for professional development. 


4. Display an Enthusiastic Attitude 

Qualifications are not the only criteria hiring managers use to make their final decision on who to offer a job to – they also want to feel confident the candidate they select will be committed to them for an extended period of time. Display an enthusiastic attitude so the hiring managers know you truly want the job and are excited about the prospect of being their employee. Thank them sincerely for the opportunity to interview for the position, and ask about the next steps for when they expect to make a decision. 


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