How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are actively job searching or want to network for future opportunities, having a robust presence on LinkedIn can be beneficial for your professional goals. A carefully crafted LinkedIn profile can help you draw the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, and leave a positive impression that can make you more successful with your professional networking goals. Write the perfect LinkedIn profile with these tips:


Customize Your Headline

One of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile is the headline or the line of text that is positioned directly beneath your profile photo and name. It is highly visible because it shows up in search results, so it can influence whether or not someone wants to take the next step and visit your profile. Don’t use the default LinkedIn headline setting – customize it to be more informative, such as adding relevant skills, your industry, or other relevant descriptors that you want people to immediately know about you. 


Optimize with Keywords for Search Engines

No matter how amazingly written your LinkedIn is, it won’t be effective if people can’t find it. As you are completing your LinkedIn profile, optimize with keywords for search engines. Consider what types of words and phrases you would ideally like for your profile to show up for when recruiters or hiring managers are searching for candidates. Then make sure those keywords are used throughout your profile sections in a natural manner. 


Use Your Voice 

The About section on LinkedIn is an opportunity to tell your professional story, in a similar manner to a cover letter but in a bit more casual setting. Take advantage and show your personality. Use your voice and provide context to describe your career trajectory and let those reading it get a sense of who you are and what sets you apart from others. 


Highlight Your Accomplishments 

As you are writing the information for your Experience section on your LinkedIn profile, don’t just list out the responsibilities you had in your previous roles. Instead, grab the attention of people scanning your profile and focus on conveying measurable results. Use your bullet points to highlight your accomplishments and quantify how you performed, such as by using percentages or rankings. Additionally, you can include links or upload media to showcase your work, such as documents you wrote or presentations you put together.


Find New Opportunities 

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