Career Resolution Ideas That You Should Stick to This Year

A new year signifies a fresh start, making it an opportune time to think about your bigger-picture professional goals. Are you ready to make positive changes to make your working life the most effective and fulfilling it can be? Check out these career resolution ideas that you should stick to this year:


Upskill Yourself for Marketability

Avoid complacency and put yourself in a position of power for landing a promotion or new job opportunity elsewhere by learning a new skill this year. Review job descriptions for roles you aspire to and identify any skills gaps to determine areas of focus. 


Optimize Your Resume

Give your resume a makeover to be as effective as possible this year. Review your resume and ensure you are optimizing it for the most commonly used keywords for jobs of interest, highlighting metrics and achievements, using action verbs, and formatting it to include plenty of white space to make scanning easier.


Establish Work-Life Balance

A strong work ethic and high levels of ambition can backfire and lead to burnout if you don’t create boundaries and practice self-care. Commit to work-life balance in the new year, such as not checking emails after hours or on days off, taking proper lunch breaks away from your workspace, and taking the paid time off you earn. 


Expand Your Network 

The professional contacts you have can greatly benefit your career, from offering support and advice to recommending you personally for jobs. Focus on networking and meeting new people, such as by being more active on LinkedIn and attending industry events. 


Master Stress Reduction

Although some workplace stress is inevitable, if chronic stress is left unchecked, it can have negative consequences for your physical and mental well-being. Devote time to experimenting with different stress management techniques to find what works best for you and commit to putting it into practice. 


Step Outside of Comfort Zone

It can be intimidating to take a risk and try something new professionally. However, stepping outside of your comfort zone can positively impact your career, so this year look for opportunities to gain experience in new areas, like volunteering to take on different projects at work or even start exploring different jobs. 


Find New Opportunities 

Work with The Hire Firm for your job search this year. We are dedicated to connecting job seekers with the available opportunities from area employers that fit their skills and professional goals. Get in touch today to get started. 

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