Why the Best Leaders Sit Down and Help Their Employees Chart Their Annual Goals

Leadership is held accountable for team performance, so it’s essential to provide guidance while striking the balance of not micromanaging. The most effective way of encouraging employees to maximize their contributions to the organization is by making goal-setting a collaborative endeavor. Learn more about why the best leaders sit down and help their employees chart their annual goals:


Bigger Picture Fit

Rather than assigning goals that can come across as arbitrary, taking the time to work together with your employees to develop goals together can help them understand how their contributions fit into the company’s bigger-picture mission and organizational goals. Your employees will then see just how valuable their efforts are, and have a thorough comprehension of the role they play. 


Clarity with Expectations

Often when employees fall short of performance standards, it isn’t because of a lack of effort or commitment – it is simply a misunderstanding regarding your expectations of them. By sitting down and charting annual goals with them, you can give them the opportunity to ensure you are both on the same page. They can work with more confidence knowing they are making the progress for which you are looking.


Improved Strategy 

If you leave employees to figure out their goals on their own, you are not fulfilling one of the most crucial duties of being a great leader: coaching. Working together for the goal setting process improves their planning and overall strategy for not just understanding what their goals are, but having a clearly defined path for realistically completing them in the upcoming year. 


Boosted Motivation

By making goal setting a collaborative effort, you have the chance to increase employee buy-in, which will get them more engaged in the process and the outcome. Having a back-and-forth discussion where you get their input and answer their questions will boost their motivation, and result in a more productive outcome. 


Attract Top Talent

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