Where Do You See Yourself This Time Next Year and How Might a Recruiter Make the Vision a Reality?

To get the career you want, it is important to be intentional about defining your overall goals and, most importantly, taking consistent action toward accomplishing them. Otherwise, you can get caught up in the day-to-day of your current situation and end up being complacent and eventually bored and dissatisfied. Check out these tips on how to set your career goals for the next year – and how a recruiter can help you achieve them:


How to Set Your Career Goals:

Reflect on Your Current Professional State

Take some time to daydream and consider what you are drawn to for your career’s future – do you want to move up to a new level, learn new skills, or even change careers completely? This time for reflection can help you determine what your one-year vision should be. 


Clarify Your Strengths and Challenges

Determine how close you are to having the necessary skills, experience, etc., to get closer to your vision. Clarify what strengths you have, as well as any challenges that you may face. For example, if you want to get a promotion in the next year, a challenge may be that you don’t have a particular certification that is typically required for higher-level positions. 


Narrow Down Steps To Make Progress

Often goal setting stops at defining bigger actions and/or end results you want. However, this can be overwhelming and doesn’t give you defined steps. Take your goal(s) and narrow them down into the smallest sub-steps as possible, so you have a clear plan to refer to as you take consistent action.


How a Recruiter Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals:

Outside Perspective

If you are having difficulty creating a vision of what you want out of your career, a recruiter can give you an outside perspective. They can suggest roles or industries you would not otherwise have considered but would be a great fit for you. 


Market Insight

The plan to make your vision a reality will need to take into account the current state of the labor market overall, as well as your particular industry and geographic area. A recruiter can provide you with market insight so you can determine which skills of yours are most in-demand to employers, how competitive the candidate pool is, the job outlook for your desired roles, etc. 


Expert Advice

How you present yourself to potential employers is crucial in landing any new opportunity. Since recruiters work directly with employers for their hiring needs, they have a thorough understanding of what employers look for in candidates’ resumes, cover letters, and interviews and can provide you with expert advice. 


Access to Opportunities

By working with a recruiter for your one-year vision, you can increase your chances of successfully finding the best job possibilities that align with your goals. When recruiters work with employers to fill their openings, these positions are unlisted to the general public, so you can gain access to quality opportunities you otherwise would not have on your own. 


Streamlined Process

Fitting in time to pursue your professional goals and job search can be difficult to balance along with your current obligations. A recruiter can significantly streamline the process and contact you with positions they think would be a good fit, saving you the time of hunting down leads and vetting them yourself. 


Find New Opportunities 

Work with The Hire Firm to accomplish your professional goals. We are dedicated to connecting job seekers with the available opportunities from area employers that fit their skills and professional goals. Get in touch today to get started. 

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