Crafting a Brand-Centric Hiring Strategy: How to Use Your Company’s Name to Attract Top Talent

Employer branding is among the most powerful tools for successful recruitment, especially when you want to attract top talent in New Mexico. Often, branding is considered to be a tactic based on content, such as websites or job postings, but a crucial factor is how your company approaches its overall hiring process and puts its core values into action for potential employees to experience firsthand. 

When candidates have a positive experience interacting with your company, they are likely to spread the word to their network. This can help boost your reputation to other future potential candidates as an organization that would be worthwhile to pursue.


Use your company’s name to attract top talent with these tips to craft your hiring strategy:

Convey What’s Beneficial to Candidates

The heart of employer branding boils down to one critical question: Why should candidates want to work for your company?  More specifically, how would it benefit them personally? Branding strategies tend to focus on highlighting a company’s mission, values, and other higher-level attributes, which is certainly relevant; however, it is not enough to focus on a broader overview. Appeal to candidates’ motivations on how working for you would personally and professionally benefit them on both a day-to-day and longer-term basis, such as culture, work-life balance, and opportunities for skills growth and career advancement.


Focus on the Candidate Experience

Word-of-mouth is among the most influential factors in your brand. If you want to attract top talent in New Mexico and ensure they also speak positively of you, the quality of the candidate experience is essential. Treat the entire hiring process as a way to sell your organization as an employer. Ensure you are not making any aspect too time-consuming, difficult, or repetitive. This makes it clear that you respect their time and the quality of their experience and will make you stand out positively among other employers.  


Communicate with Intention

Another significant part of the recruitment process that can impact employer branding is the quality and consistency of your communication with candidates. A common complaint from candidates that makes them perceive employers negatively is a lack of communication or vague, impersonal messaging when applying. 

Consider ways to provide clear updates to candidates throughout every step of the process, such as providing an automated message when a submitted application is received, giving clear timelines for the next steps when a candidate is a finalist, and practicing tact when rejecting candidates and kindly letting them know their status, rather than not reaching out. This is a small but important step that many employers fail to do but it is appreciated by candidates. 


Attract Top Talent in New Mexico

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