Giving Thanks to Your Team: How Employee Appreciation Boosts Morale and Performance

A core responsibility for managers is to ensure your employees are engaged in the work, able to fulfill their potential in their performances, and contribute to the overall success of their New Mexico employers. Acknowledging your employees’ effort is among the simplest yet most effective management strategies, as giving thanks to your team will pay off in a majority of ways.


Learn more about how employee appreciation boosts morale and performance:

Increases Engagement 

Engaged workers truly care about performing at their best and making a valuable contribution because they feel a sense of authentic commitment to the organization’s success – as opposed to disengaged workers, who have no emotional involvement beyond wanting to receive a paycheck. Showing appreciation to your employees increases their engagement because they realize their effort is noticed, which makes them more likely to want to continue to go above and beyond.


Reduced Burnout Risk 

When you have high performers, their high engagement and productivity can end up going too far, causing them to overwork in an effort to prove themselves. If left unchecked, this can lead to burnout, cause top talent’s performances to decline, and negatively impact their well-being. Being proactive at recognizing their hard work will make them feel confident they are meeting expectations and make them less prone to burnout.


Improves Retention

High turnover rates are bad for business, as it is costly to replace workers and deal with lost productivity and poor morale during times of understaffing. A major cause of employees quitting is due to not feeling acknowledged for their work. Making it a point to thank your team for a job well done can improve your retention because employees will be more likely to have higher job satisfaction and be more committed to staying.


Cultivates Positive Culture 

Encouraging connections and building a sense of belonging is a crucial aspect of being a leader, as it helps improve morale and encourage productivity. When employees are in a work environment where there is mutual respect and trust, they feel like they are connected as a team. In turn, they are more likely to be efficient and innovative because they can collaborate effectively and enthusiastically. Validating your employees’ efforts and achievements will go a long way toward building relationships and cultivating a positive culture that makes them more motivated to work hard to contribute to the team and the company’s overall success. 


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