Techniques for Busy Managers to Stay Organized and Productive

Managing your team’s output, tackling higher-level demands from leadership,  and keeping up with the various other demands of the New Mexico workforce can be challenging. It’s essential to take control of your schedule and priorities so you are as focused, efficient, and stress-free as possible.


Maximize your time and optimize your workflow with these techniques for busy managers to stay organized and productive:

Track Your Time 

Self-awareness and objective data are the foundations for optimizing productivity. Track your time for a few days to a week and document how long you spend on any and all activities. Review your findings to determine where time is wasted most often and if any impactful changes are needed.


Create a Standing Planning Session

It is crucial to proactively prioritize and schedule your time; otherwise, you risk spending it on low-value tasks. Create a standing planning session, such as the last hour of every day for the following day or Friday for the week ahead.


Utilize Framework for Assessing Importance and Urgency 

The most efficient busy managers have a streamlined process for making quick and effective decisions on how to spend their time. Utilize a framework for assessing the importance and/or urgency of any given task – as soon as a possible task arises, quickly assess how time-sensitive and critical it is and prioritize your To-Do list primarily based on those factors.


Batch by Task Type

Even if you are correctly identifying the most valuable tasks to work on, you may not be accomplishing them as efficiently as you could. Batch by task type, such as answering emails, focused reading, or running reports, all in one time block. This reduces the cognitive exertion of switching quickly between tasks that require different parts of the brain and allows you to work more quickly and with less effort.


Take Intentional Breaks

The most productive leaders may seem like they are always working, but actually, they are most likely conserving their energy and focus so they can maintain their stamina. Take intentional breaks throughout the day in ways that help you recharge and be more productive in the long run, such as by taking a few minutes to meditate, stretch, or go for a quick walk.


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