Nurturing Skills and Leadership Qualities in Your Team

New Mexico employers can empower themselves to prepare for a successful future by focusing on the most important resource: current employees. Investing in the development of your team and equipping them with the knowledge and experience they need to become leaders will benefit your organization by cultivating a talent pipeline for the long term, as well as a more engaged, innovative team in the short term.


Learn more about actionable strategies for nurturing skills and leadership qualities in your team:

Create a Leadership-Focused Culture

Your company culture sets the tone for how likely your employees will be to embrace learning leadership skills and how effective your efforts will be. Create a leadership-focused culture by communicating the importance of it as a core value, empowering your employees to take on extra skills development, giving actionable feedback consistently, and recognizing employees when they demonstrate leadership. 


Foster a Sense of Accountability 

Employees won’t be able to grow as leaders if they never have a chance to put it into practice and experience the authority and responsibility that are critical parts of the role. Foster a sense of accountability at an appropriate level by giving them opportunities to give input, make decisions, and complete a task or project on their own.


Offer Training Opportunities 

Beyond helping your employees hone their leadership traits and skills in a hands-on, experimental manner, you should also combine it with formal training to make them as well-rounded as possible. Offer training opportunities, such as webinars, conferences, continuing education courses, or mentorship programs, so your team can build a foundation and learn the fundamentals of successful leadership.


Provide Guidance Through Overcoming Challenges

A major part of being a leader is the ability to handle adversity and bounce back from mistakes and failures by learning from them. Provide guidance through overcoming challenges in real time as they occur, so your employees can gain experience in emotional regulation, adaptability, and growth mindset. 


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