Balancing Act: Juggling Multiple Priorities as a Successful Manager

If you are a manager with a New Mexico employer wanting to improve productivity, achieving results isn’t necessarily just about hard work. Many professionals work tirelessly each day, only to realize they don’t have much to show for it because they misalign their efforts and inadvertently allocate their time without the most efficient strategy.


Learn more about how to juggle multiple priorities as a successful manager with these tips:

Identify the Most Critical Items

To maximize your output, ensure you are giving attention to the tasks that will have the most impact. Identify the most critical items on your list of competing priorities by assessing their level of timeliness and overall importance. Consider how consequential the deadlines are for urgent tasks that arise and/or how much they contribute to major organizational goals, and use those factors as a decision-making framework. Once you stop and objectively assess all tasks, you will likely find that something seemingly urgent can wait. 


Develop an Actionable Plan

Go beyond simply listing all the multiple priorities on your To-do list and be intentional about how to lay out and schedule your workflow. Develop an actionable plan that focuses on the most time-sensitive and essential tasks by establishing goals you want to achieve for your day (or week, month, etc., depending on how far out you are working). Break down your major goals into the smallest steps possible, and schedule time into your calendar to make consistent progress, no matter how seemingly minor, to remain on track. 


Dedicate Time for Focused, Deep Work

The fast-paced nature of your work environment is highly likely to interrupt your most well-laid plans, so you have to be intentional and take control of your time as much as you can. Dedicate time for focused, deep work in your schedule and block off time on your calendar for pursuing high-value yet not urgent tasks that may otherwise get pushed off the to-do list each day. 


Reassign or Reschedule 

When you’re dealing with a massive workload, sometimes there is simply no plausible way to juggle everything yourself. Reassign or reschedule tasks as you can when priorities are piling up. Delegate to your employees what is appropriate to their skills and expertise, or communicate with other parties to see if a task is truly urgent or if it can be done at a later date without a negative impact. 


Put Yourself First 

Although it can be tempting to put in as many hours as possible to be productive, that can backfire and make you more likely to burn out. Put yourself first and prioritize self-care so you will have the optimal mindset and energy to handle your work. Maintain boundaries between your work and personal time by not checking emails or working outside normal hours, taking your vacation time, fueling your mind and body with regular, nutritional food, physical exercise, sufficient sleep, and partaking in leisure activities for stress management. 


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