Building a Resilient Team: Strategies for Finding the Right Talent

What sets qualified employees in New Mexico apart and makes them top performers is adaptability. Expertise isn’t enough – you need to find employees who have what it takes to problem solve, innovate, and pivot to gain new skills as circumstances change in the marketplace.


Learn more about building a resilient team with these strategies for finding the right talent:


It is essential to know exactly what experience, skills, credentials, and personal attributes you are looking for in a candidate. Having clarification is key to being able to attract talent and objectively evaluate them to ensure they will meet all of your needs. For example, when looking to identify candidates for resiliency, you can focus on finding prospects who demonstrate aptitude in continuous learning or have experience in roles that require adaptability. 



Once you have narrowed down what you are looking for in a new employee, you must be deliberate in your efforts to attract top talent. It’s important to write thorough job descriptions and emphasize the need for adaptability so you get the attention of the candidates who are up for the challenge, and allow others the opportunity to self-select out. In addition, you need to also make your postings appealing to candidates’ needs by highlighting the positives of working for your company, such as benefits, work environment, culture, advancement, etc. 



The conditions of the job marketplace can change swiftly, so it’s critical to take the pulse of the current landscape of your industry and location to determine if you need to make any changes to your job postings, offerings, or overall recruitment strategy. If you do not remain up-to-date on the marketplace, you could miss out on recruiting resilient top talent for your team because your offer isn’t competitive enough or you don’t market the right aspects of the opportunity. 


Hiring Process

Even if your strategy is optimal for identifying and attracting the best candidates for your organization’s needs, you could still end up failing to have them accept your final offer if you drop the ball during the hiring process. Candidate experience is a crucial deciding factor, and if your hiring process is overly long or expect too much of them, they are more likely to decline your offer. 

Streamline your hiring process so it’s respectful of candidates’ time – i.e., don’t ask for unnecessary, multiple rounds of interviews or drag on the decision-making timeframe, and maintain open communication with regular updates. If you are not confident that you have the time and resources available to handle your hiring process effectively, consider outsourcing to a recruitment agency. 


Land Qualified Candidates in New Mexico

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