Proactive Measures for Cultivating a Happy and Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement is the foundation of a productive and innovative business, but it tends to be lacking unless employers take the initiative to encourage job satisfaction and a sense of belonging. A recent Gallup survey of U.S. employee engagement, defined as “the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace”, found that just 33% of employees consider themselves engaged.


Set your organization up for success with these proactive measures to cultivate a happy and engaged workforce in New Mexico:

Set a Positive Example

Company culture majorly influences the level of employee engagement. If you want to boost the overall morale of your team, you have to lead the way. Set a positive example to establish an authentic culture, such as by giving compliments, handling stress appropriately, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Let them see you being enthusiastic and approaching situations with an optimistic outlook, and it could organically influence them. 


Provide Thoughtful Feedback

A big downfall of engagement rates is when employees don’t have a clear understanding of how their performance is measuring up, good or bad. Boost motivation for your staff by making it a point to provide thoughtful feedback for their efforts. When they have guidance, they feel their work is acknowledged and that you are invested in their success. 


Recognize Their Accomplishments

When employees who were once highly engaged have changes in their attitudes toward their jobs, it often can be traced back to not feeling like their work was noticed or appreciated. To make your team happier and more engaged, consistently recognize their accomplishments. The more they feel validated, the more likely they will be motivated to go above and beyond because it is personally rewarding.


Prioritize Your Onboarding Process

The start of an employee’s time with your company will set the tone for their baseline level of engagement. Get them started on an engaged note right away and prioritize your onboarding process carefully to encourage them. Include language about why you are excited to welcome them, give insights into the importance of their work, and include immediate introductions to their colleagues to acclimate them into the group.


Give Opportunities for Growth and Development

Another common cause of disengagement is when employees stop feeling challenged and boredom or cynicism sets in. Ensure you give opportunities for growth and development to prevent your staff from feeling like they have a dead-end job that won’t help their professional futures.


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