Aligning Your Staffing Needs with Long-Term Business Goals

The hiring decisions you make in the short term can have lasting consequences to the overall success of your organization. As you build your New Mexico workforce, it is crucial to balance your immediate operational needs with your bigger-picture vision and ensure you are selecting employees who will be able to perform their current duties as well as pivot and adapt to future needs.


Learn more about aligning your staffing needs with long-term business goals with these steps:

Assess Workforce Patterns

Evaluate historical trends and any available metrics regarding hiring success, such as voluntary and involuntary turnover rates, employee satisfaction, average length of employment, and any anecdotal evidence of the overall success and longevity of your top performers. Assess workforce patterns from the past to help establish a baseline for how well your previous hiring strategies have aligned with your business goals. These findings can guide you as you determine areas where your organization has excelled with staffing and what changes are necessary to implement.


Define Your Goals

It is absolutely critical to have specific objectives, tactics, desired results, and key performance indicators (KPIs) in place so there are clear expectations for staffing decision-making and how it relates to organizational outcomes. Define your goals for precisely what outcomes you want to achieve long term and what type of framework should be implemented to directly connect candidate evaluation. This will allow all stakeholders, from hiring managers to those giving input in interview panels, the opportunity to understand what to look for in prospective employees.


Identify Essential Skills

Ideally, when you hire new employees, they grow with your company and help advance its mission and major goals – therefore, high turnover rates or low instances of promoting from within are demonstrative of a lack of alignment between staffing needs and future growth for the company. Identify essential skills to look for in employees that will allow them to contribute to the organization’s immediate needs for the job duties, in addition to the soft skills needed to be a valuable overall contributor to the long-term business needs, such as leadership potential, learning new skills, excelling under pressure, or being innovative.


Finalize Your Strategy

Once you complete the aforementioned steps, you should have a definitive set of parameters on what you have done well in the past regarding hiring and/or what needs to be improved, what you want to achieve in your business, and how staffing will relate to that, and what qualifications and traits to look for in talent. Finalize your hiring strategy to determine how to best target, attract, and recruit prospective candidates who meet your needs, such as through networking to find passive talent, attending job fairs, advertising, or working with a staffing and recruiting firm.


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