5 Steps to Hit the Ground Running in Your New Role

When the effort you put into searching for jobs in New Mexico pays off, and you receive an offer, it can be exciting but also overwhelming as you consider how to acclimate to a new workplace. To ensure a smooth transition as you adjust, it’s important to build your confidence and set yourself up for success by having a strategy to make a positive impact.


Check out these steps to hit the ground running in your new role:

1. Prepare for a Professional Impression

Treat your first days at a new job as an extended interview phase and put in the same amount of effort into establishing a professional impression. Be as prepared and intentional as possible, from selecting your attire ahead of time to cultivate the right image to leave extra early for a generous buffer for your commute to researching the company extensively so you are deeply familiar with its history, mission, news, updates, and other relevant information.


2. Be Ready to Absorb Knowledge

You will be inundated with information to learn when you start a new role. This is also the time to ask questions – remember, it’s far better to ask a seemingly obvious or silly question than to make a major mistake because you were too scared to speak up. During your onboarding and acclimation period, take constant, detailed notes during your conversations and meetings so you can begin to absorb the knowledge coming your way.


3. Get to Know People

Make it clear that you are excited about the opportunity and ready to be a team player by putting in the effort to meet your colleagues and start to form professional relationships. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, or you’re afraid nerves will negatively affect your conversational skills, you can come up with a script to practice introducing yourself, asking people about themselves and their roles, and extending invitations for coffee meetups or lunch.


4. Observe the Culture

Fitting in with company culture is a significant factor in your job satisfaction. However, culture can be somewhat subtle and not outrightly communicated, so you often have to learn through experience. To avoid making any major missteps, be cognizant of observing the culture to understand the specific norms of your new workplace. Pay attention to how people work and communicate, any hierarchal standards with senior employees, the overall level of formality, and any other common day-to-day protocol that you notice so you can act accordingly.


5. Focus on Adding Value

When you are newly hired, it is important to not be too passive about waiting around to be assigned tasks and told what to do. Make it clear that you are there to be an engaged contributor by taking initiative, such as asking if anyone needs help, volunteering to take on work, giving your input in meetings, and asking your boss for performance expectations and feedback. Overall, the most important step when starting a new job is to focus on adding value to your boss and colleagues.


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