Are You Happy in Your Current Career?

Your job is a major part of your life, from the hours you spend working to the role it plays in your identity or sense of purpose. Being satisfied with your professional situation can greatly influence your overall well-being, so it’s important that you feel your current career is the right fit for you. Check out these signs to determine if it’s time to look for a new job:


You Feel Disengaged

That initial spark of passion and excitement when you start a new job will understandably fade a bit as you become used to the role and the more tedious parts. However, if you feel bored, unchallenged, or simply apathetic about your job and performance, that is an indicator that you are no longer engaged and may be time to look for new opportunities that inspire you and make you want to go above and beyond. 


There’s No Opportunity for Advancement

Ideally, each job you have should serve as a stepping stone in your overall career progression. If you have reached a point where you have gained as much experience and learned everything you can, you may be ready to pursue additional responsibility. If your current employer does not have any opportunities for advancement, you may be happier if you look for a new job elsewhere where you can maximize your skillset and grow as a professional. 


You Have No Work-Life Balance

Even if you love what you do and working hard at it if your job doesn’t allow for time off, you’re working excessive hours, or you are expected to respond to work messages during your off times, it simply won’t be sustainable over the long term and could lead to burnout. When your job doesn’t allow for work-life balance, and you have tried unsuccessfully to set boundaries, consider looking for a new career opportunity that is fulfilling professionally while still letting you have a personal life. 


You Dread Going to Work

When the weekend is over, or you’re returning from vacation, it is expected to be a little disappointed about getting back to work. But if you feel a deep sense of dread on a regular basis when you think about going to work the next day, that is a concerning sign that your job is not a fit for you anymore. 


Find Job Opportunities 

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