Why You Should Conduct an eNPS With Your Team To Kickstart 2023

An employee net promoter score, commonly referred to as an eNPS, is the measure of your team’s engagement and commitment to your organization. It is a survey that focuses on one major question: “How likely are you to recommend working at this organization?” with a rating from 0-10, from not at all to extremely likely. Although a brief and seemingly simple survey, eNPS can be a wealth of information. Learn more about why you should conduct an eNPS with your team to kickstart 2023:


Provides Insight for Discussion 

You can’t make a meaningful action plan for improving employee engagement unless you have a clear view of where your team stands. The findings from an eNPS can facilitate an informative discussion based on data rather than assumptions made so that you can determine the level of severity of the current engagement situation.


Sets Baseline for Comparison

In order to have a clear understanding of the effectiveness of any efforts you put forth in maintaining and/or improving employee engagement, you must consistently measure it. Conducting an eNPS can provide metrics you need to establish a baseline for comparison after you implement tactics, so you can gauge if you are on the right track or if new strategies need to be implemented.


Gives Employees a Voice 

A common grievance among workers is that they don’t have a way to share their feedback with their employers, either because there is no official channel or they don’t feel comfortable sharing their opinions openly. Although an eNPS is not a comprehensive survey, it still gives employees an opportunity to have their voices heard anonymously.


Shows That You Care

The very act of conducting an eNPS may help boost employee engagement because it sends a clear message to your team that you are taking action regarding their overall job satisfaction. It demonstrates that you value their input and prioritize the quality of the experience they have working for your organization. 


Attract Top Talent in 2023 

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