3 Ways to Identify if Your Top Performers Are Satisfied and Fulfilled by Their Workday

Landing top performers is challenging, but retaining them can be even more difficult. When you successfully hire in-demand talent, it is crucial to be intentional about ensuring they are happy in their roles and environment so you don’t lose them to other employers. Learn more with these three ways to identify if your top performers are satisfied and fulfilled by their workday:


1. Observe the Signs

Although employees often keep their feelings about work to themselves, especially high performers, there are some indicators that can give you a sense of where they stand. Even if they remain productive, they could still be dissatisfied. Observe the signs of employee satisfaction, such as:

  • Attitude – do they seem optimistic and upbeat on a regular basis? Or are they more prone to being cynical or irritable (while this is understandable occasionally, especially during hectic times, it shouldn’t be the norm)
  • Sense of belonging – do they seem enthusiastically part of the team and volunteer to help others or interact? Or do they keep to themselves and only do what’s required of them without concern for others?
  • Innovation – do they suggest new solutions or ideas to improve the department or company? Or do they only deal with their own immediate tasks and not think of the bigger picture?


2. Conduct Surveys

Gathering metrics is an effective way to establish an overall baseline of employee satisfaction, as well as measure the impact over time as changes are implemented. Conduct surveys with your employees so they can provide their feedback and have their voices heard. Determine just a few questions, such as having them rate their level of fulfillment with their work or their likelihood of recommending the company to others as an employer, and send it out as an anonymous online survey. Encourage your employees to provide their insight and assure them you want them to be transparent so they feel comfortable sharing their true feelings. 


3. Meet One-on-One Regularly

It can come as a surprise when a top performer suddenly leaves if they never gave any indication they were ever unfulfilled or dissatisfied; however, employees often do not feel they are a platform to do so, nor that it would be welcomed.  Meet one-on-one regularly with employees so you can be more proactive at gauging their job satisfaction and resolving any issues within your control before it’s too late. Ask about how things are going for them, if they have the tools they need to perform their job functions, if there are any challenges they are facing, etc. While some issues may be out of your control, there may be actions you can take based on the feedback to improve matters for your employees. 


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