Why All Accountants Should Have an Active and Ongoing Relationship With Their Recruiter

Even if you are happy in your current accounting position and employer, it is still worthwhile to maintain contact with a recruiter. You don’t have to be actively job searching for a recruiter to be able to offer benefits for your career. Learn more about why all accountants should have an active and ongoing relationship with their recruiter:


Industry Knowledge

Being open to communicating with your recruiter can help you gain insight into their industry knowledge. Since they deal with accounting and finance employers, they have up-to-date information, plus a sense of what trends could be coming up that affect future job prospects or necessary skills you could need to develop to be most marketable. 


Labor Market Understanding

Maintaining a relationship with your recruiter can help you understand your professional value because they have a thorough understanding of the labor market. They know how much difficulty employers may be having in landing top talent and can share their insight on how much your skills and experience could be worth, giving you information that could be used to argue for a pay raise or to explore higher-paying options elsewhere. 


Passive Job Seeking

Although you may not be trying to search for a new job, knowing what is out, there could possibly change your mind if the right opportunity presented itself. Being in contact with your recruiter can allow you to be a passive job seeker, in which you remain open to hearing about job openings that are a good fit for you. There is no pressure, but it could pay off if you happen to hear about a dream accounting job when you weren’t otherwise looking. 


Backup Plan

No matter how secure your current accounting job may be, circumstances can quickly change that could negatively affect your stability or satisfaction. Having an active and ongoing relationship with your recruiter can give you peace of mind by knowing you have a backup plan and can get your job search ignited quickly if the need arises. 


Explore New Opportunities

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